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Electrical Estimating Services

Linear footage of wires and conduits

Quantities of lightings and sensors


Quantities of insulation of wires

Quantities of electric meters according to specs

Quantities of electrical fixtures according to specs

Who are our Clients

Most Contractors miss out on bid opportunities or deadlines because of their busy schedule. According to a report, they lose around $250,000 every month  just due to lack of time. BidWin Solutions can work it out for you. We provide detailed quantity takeoff and cost estimating services to GCs and subcontractors so they don’t need to worry about bid opportunities. We help our clients find and avail bid opportunities and prepare accurate bids for them.

We assist GCs and subcontractors with all types of takeoff and estimating services in affordable prices and more than 80% bid win ratio. We cover all trades like Demolition, Concrete, Drywall, Steel, Masonry, Lumber, Flooring, Painting, Insulation, MEP etc.

Below are the few main features that distinguish BidWin Solutions from its competitors.

  1. We are affordable.
  2. We can meet short deadlines.
  3. We have more than 80% bid win ratio.
  4. We work overtime for high priority jobs.
  5. Our estimator can discuss the project with the builder over a team meeting.
  6. We use premium software for all trades takeoff and estimating.
  7. We provide 24/7 customer support.
  8. We calculate detailed labor and material prices for our clients.

Accurate Electrical Estimating Services

BidWin Solutions has a huge team of expert estimators which are trained enough to prepare and deliver 100% accurate electrical takeoff and cost estimates. Since 2017, we have served more than 90 GCs and 235 electrical contractors with a client retention rate of more than 80%. We offer a wide range of electrical estimating services from wiring and conduits to huge electrical fixtures and control systems.

Keeping the bid format simple and easy to understand, our professional estimators do a detailed calculation of quantities and a thorough cost analysis afterwards. We use RSMeans and other authentic cost databases for accurate location wise pricing. Our on field experience makes us a good player in the competition and the affordability makes us distinctive. 

Electrical Estimating Services
Electrical Estimate

Our Electrical Estimate Portfolio

While submitting a bid, electrical estimating is an essential part of the bidding process.  The accuracy of the electrical estimate depicts the expertise of the electrical estimator. Our electrical portfolio includes the following types of projects:

  • Residential Projects
  • Single Family Houses
  • Industrial Projects
  • Commercial Projects
  • Institutional Projects
  • Renovation and Remodeling Projects

Services We Offer

We are always here to help!

Construction Estimates for Subcontractors and General Contractors

We have been serving General Contractors and subcontractors for the last 7 years. Our highly accurate estimate with easy-to-use bid formats help up get ahead of the competition.

Dedicated Construction Estimator

We facilitate our clients by providing dedicated construction estimator on a weekly or monthly basis. He is responsible for a detailed quantity takeoff and precise cost estimating.

Monthly Packages for Busy Contractors

Bidwin Solutions offers monthly packages to cater all your estimating needs. It minimizes the estimating cost by 50% helping you maximize the profit margins.

Accurate Pricing According to Zip Codes

In construction industry, one has to be very aware of freight charges because it can make or break a big deal. We provide accurate material and labor prices according to location of the project.

Design Estimates for Architects & Designers

Bidwin Solutions offer a wide variety of estimating services from Schematic design to 100% CD drawings set. Accuracy of design estimates completely depends upon the experience of the estimator.

Detailed Estimates for Residential and Commercial Projects

We serve all types of residential and commercial contractors covering all the trades like concrete, steel, sitework, drywall, lumber, painting, masonry, MEP etc.

Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Revu

Construction Material Takeoff
Earthwork Pro

Earthwork Pro

Cut/Fill and Grading software


Accurate Cost Database


Advanced Construction Takeoff

Softwares We Use

Understanding the features of a software and utilizing them where necessary is an ability to perform complex tasks efficiently. In construction estimating, several software are used to improve the quality of the estimate but one has to spend a good amount of time learning and practicing the features of these software. We use premium software like Bluebeam Revu, PlanSwift, RSMeans, Kubla Cubed, Earthwork pro and MS Excel. These software help us prepare more accurate takeoff, perform markings and estimate labor, equipment and material pricing. 

Trades We Cover

We have expertise in all CSI divisions!

Concrete Estimating Services

We provide accurate and reliable concrete takeoff and estimating services. Our concrete estimate includes footings, slabs, foundations, driveways etc.

Drywall Estimating Services

Most of the time, drywall contractors receive bid results quickly. We have to be perfectly accurate to retain the client. We maintain a 90% bid win ratio on drywall projects.


Sitework Estimating Services

BidWin Solutions has vast expertise in sitework takeoff and estimating. Our sitework takeoffs include all sitework related items like asphalt pavements, landscaping, erosion control, all water, sewer, gas, storm utilities etc.

Steel Estimating Services

Structural steel estimating is a lengthy process and one has to be very aware while preparing a steel bid. Our experienced estimators prepare a detailed breakdown of material, fabrication and erection of structural steel and Misc. items. 

Painting Estimating Services

In CSI divisions, division 5 is referred as finishes. Painting is an important part of finishes and any project is incomplete without it. Our experienced estimators prepare a detailed painting takeoff broken down into paint types, coatings and paint manufacturer.

Masonry Estimating Services

BidWin Solutions provide Masonry takeoff and estimating services for all types of residential and commercial projects. A complete masonry bid usually includes, masonry blocks, bricks, precast sills and lintels, glazed tiles etc.

Plumbing Estimating Services

Plumbing takeoffs are easy to do as the estimator just need to calculate the piping linear footage and plumbing fixtures. The tricky part is accurate plumbing cost estimating. Material of the pipes and fixtures along with labor productivity have to be calculated precisely for accurate bidding.

Lumber Estimating Services

BidWin Solutions has plenty of experience calculating lumber quantities in all types of residential and commercial projects. The estimator needs to be well experienced with lumber to prepare up to the mark lumber pricing.

Electrical Estimating Services

Electrical is a major trade in all types of construction as every building whether public or private, small or large need to have a well organized electricity supply system. BidWin Solutions helps you prepare a perfect bid for your project with our ASPE certified estimators. 

Get Started with Us!

Here is a quick process to get started with our services!

Send Us the Drawings

First of all, you need to send us the complete drawings set preferably in PDF format along with the scope of work you want us to cover. Our team of estimators will review the drawings.

Get A Quote

After reviewing the project drawings, we'll prepare a firm quote of cost and time to complete the particular project. Once we have an agreement, we'll send you an initial invoice of 50% to get the estimating started.

Receive Estimate

After we completed working on the job, we'll send you the final sheet along with the invoice of pending payment. Once you make the final payment, we'll send you the rest of the project files.


Our Recent Projects

Structural Steel Estimating Services

Structural Steel Projects

Lumber Estimating

Lumber Projects

Drywall Estimating Services

Drywall Projects

Sitework Estimating Services

Sitework Projects

Concrete Estimating Services

Concrete Projects

Masonry Estimating Services

Masonry Projects

Electrical Estimating Services

Estimating electrical wiring and electrical fixtures is a major part of MEP takeoff and estimating. Electrical estimating is not limited to a small range of residential or commercial projects, it is one of the most important trade in all types of construction. Whether it is a small single family house or a massive power plant, electrical work is essential to complete the job. Bidwin Solutions possess a professional team of electrical estimators who are experienced enough to produce a well-organized and accurate estimate. 

Electrical estimating include a list of wirings to be used in the project. The estimator should keep in mind, the thickness of wires, type of insulation to be used and length of the specific wirings which eventually help the contractor to prepare a perfect bid price and win the job with good profit margins. The second thing to be calculated is electrical fixtures. It includes all light fixtures and electrical related equipment shown in electrical drawings set. The estimators at Bidwin Solutions calculate the counts of electrical fixtures and note down the full description of each and every fixture for the sake of accuracy.

In electrical estimating, accuracy is the key to win the job and maximize the profit. For example, drawings show a LED pendant light at 10 locations in the drawings. This is the responsibility of the estimator to find the wattage of the light fixture and mention it in the description to calculate perfect pricing. In some cases, the information about wattage is missing from the plans, in this case, the estimator make a suitable assumption and mention it on the final spreadsheet.

One Window Solution for Busy Contractors

Bidwin Solutions has been serving its clients since 2017. After the pandemic, outsourcing the estimating to a company like ourselves proves to be better than in-house estimating teams. We have to keep ourselves ready for extreme workloads and train the estimators to prepare perfect bids within short deadlines. We provide electrical estimating services to general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, developers, builders, architects and designers. Most of the time, the contractors are busy with on-field work that they don’t have time to keep up with bids and submit bids on time. Bidwin Solutions offer a well-organized and accurate estimating services so you can focus on other important business activities.

Bidwin Solutions provide a one window solution for all our clients. Our services include finding bid opportunities, detailed quantity takeoff, calculation of labor rates and labor productivity, calculation of equipment rates and equipment productivity, preparing an organized spreadsheet, composing a user friendly bid proposal and bid submission. Contractors have to hire at least three employees for these tasks and maintain a check and balance on them to get things done quickly and effectively. On the other hand, Bidwin Solutions offers all these services at one place in very affordable prices. We ensure 100% accuracy because this is what we do to keep growing and help our clients grow with us.      

Process of Electrical Estimating

While understanding the process of electrical construction takeoff and estimating, one should have a good deal of knowledge of how construction works. First of all, the contractor shares the project plans along with the scope of work with the estimator. The estimator goes through the plans and specifications and prepare an initial grasp on the type of the project. Secondly, he start working on the takeoff working on the electrical sheets using software like Bluebeam Revu and PlanSwift. Using these software, the estimator perform a detailed quantity takeoff by identifying, marking and calculating electrical wirings, conduits and fixtures.

After marking the quantities on electrical drawings, the estimator prepares an excel spreadsheet with all the quantities mentioned and broken down according to the floors. After preparing the spreadsheet, the estimator start pricing the individual line items. Pricing is the most tricky task in electrical estimating as the estimator has to keep a lot of factors in mind like labor prices, labor productivity, use of equipment, equipment rentals, permits, mobilization, possible delays, final clean up etc. Keeping all these details in mind, the estimator does a detailed broken down pricing. Finally, the estimator calculates the contingency, overhead and profit for the client which is mostly provided by the client.

It gives us a final sheet with a detailed breakdown of electrical components with overhead and profit mentioned at the bottom. Feel free to contact us to check a few samples of our recent work.

Our Deliverables – Electrical Estimating Services

  • Complete Excel takeoff spreadsheet
  • Separate Material, Labor and Equipment prices
  • Labor productivity and Labor hours
  • Colored Markups in PDF form extracted from Planswift
  • Swift job with complete marking on the software
  • Detailed and summarized takeoff sheets for contractors’ convenience and requirements
  • Floor wise breakdown of trade specific line items

Get your electrical estimate done today!